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Pallet Monogram

Turn an old pallet into new art.

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Bigger Than A Bread Box

I love the classic breadbox - it's such an icon of the American kitchen.  Not only that, but they are incredibly good at keeping your bread handy while keeping your loaves from becoming stale.  However, have you gone to..  - Read More

Gorgeously Ghoulish Apples

Last Halloween I made caramel covered apples for Coco's preschool class.  I had a few extra minutes so ran to the back yard to grab some twigs for sticks and put a few drops of red food coloring into..  - Read More

Pallet Wall Monogram

A great piece for the front of a lake house or a cool way to customize a kid's room, my pallet wall monogram is easy (and cheap!) to make.  MATERIALS Discarded wood pallet Pre-cut letters Spray paint Wood stain ..  - Read More

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